ManX from pure malt whisky

ManX is a crystal clear spirit that can be enjoyed over ice, or blended with a mixer to create the perfect cocktail. Its rich, smooth flavour is distinctive, without the overpowering peatiness of some scotches. Smooth and soft with a delicious lingering after taste.

Re-distilled from the finest pure malt whisky, which has been matured in oak casks by our Celtic neighbours, it is then purified in our specialised stills before bottling.

“Quite a delicate product, but impressive depth of flavour and a really well-crafted drink that will appeal to a wide audience.”
-Great Taste Awards

“You can taste the smoke, you can taste the effort and time it took to create it.” – Gary Christian

ManX – distilled from pure malt whisky

Bifrost from VS Cognac

Bifrost – a spirit of exceptional quality, flavour and class.

For those who love a warm textured drink with a taste of brandy, Bifrost is the perfect choice. With the subtle flavours and aromas of Cognac, alongside a unique smoothness that really sets Bifrost apart as a drink of exceptional quality.

Fruity, textured and skillfully balanced.

“it has a long finish, it’s boozy and innovative”- Great Taste Awards

“Subtle dashes of orchard fruit on a warm textured mouth come together in a skilfully balanced finish.” – IWSC

Award winning spirits

IWSC Bronze Award
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We’re going through some changes currently which means we’re temporarily unable to send Manx Spirit over from the Isle of Man.

You can still buy through our trusted partner, Hard to Find Whisky.