ManX from pure malt whisky

ManX is a crystal clear spirit that can be enjoyed over ice, or blended with a mixer to create the perfect cocktail. Its rich, smooth flavour is distinctive, without the overpowering peatiness of some scotches. Smooth and soft with a delicious lingering after taste.

Re-distilled from the finest pure malt whisky, which has been matured in oak casks by our Celtic neighbours, it is then purified in our specialised stills before bottling.

“Quite a delicate product, but impressive depth of flavour and a really well-crafted drink that will appeal to a wide audience.”
-Great Taste Awards

“You can taste the smoke, you can taste the effort and time it took to create it.” – Gary Christian

ManX – distilled from pure malt whisky

Bifrost from VS Cognac

Bifrost – a spirit of exceptional quality, flavour and class.

For those who love a warm textured drink with a taste of brandy, Bifrost is the perfect choice. With the subtle flavours and aromas of Cognac, alongside a unique smoothness that really sets Bifrost apart as a drink of exceptional quality.

Fruity, textured and skillfully balanced.

“it has a long finish, it’s boozy and innovative”- Great Taste Awards

“Subtle dashes of orchard fruit on a warm textured mouth come together in a skilfully balanced finish.” – IWSC

Award winning spirits

IWSC Bronze Award
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