Meet the team

Andi sat in the door way of the distillery


Head Distiller

Alan oversees the technical running of the distillery, specialising in the streamlining of processes, refurbing of machinery, 3D printing and creating custom parts for our unique needs.

Fun fact:

Alan’s motto is “Why engineer, when you can over engineer???”

Alan - Head Distiller


Technical Director

Andi’s extensive experience in the drinks industry over the last 30+ years makes them the font of all knowledge at Kella. From navigating the logistics of import and export, to being our “Lore Keeper” with tales from the court case, to escapades dealing with worldwide export in the 90s; Andi’s passion for creating exceptional spirits has certainly extended to the next generation at Kella, and they are, without a doubt, the heart of our family-run distillery.

Fun fact:
Andi won’t ever be allowed to retire…not that any of us think for a second that they would actually want to.

Andi started the family tradition of brand tattoos, with a cheeky Troika Black Bear, as well as our iconic ManX branding!


Jack of all trades

Becki jumps in to help with whatever needs doing; from organising the website updates, to ordering labels, mucking in on bottling runs, and running to the post office with your orders!

Becki is a jack of all trades at the distillery, and she loves being a part of all of the different aspects to the whole process.

If you drop us an email, or DM through our social media channels, it’ll almost certainly be Bex you get through to!

Fun fact:

Becki picked up the tattoo tradition and ran with it – getting a sizeable tribute to our Bifrost Drakkar inked in honour of her 30th birthday a few years ago! It’s probably time to start planning the next one actually…

Liz (Mooti)

Hand-labeller extraordinaire

Liz oversees the finishing touches on the bottling line – hand labelling bottles, applying the tamper evident seals, and giving the official “Mooti Seal of Approval”.

Fun fact:

Very little is known about Liz…she’s a dark horse…possibly a spy – who knows?? 

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We’re going through some changes currently which means we’re temporarily unable to send Manx Spirit over from the Isle of Man.

You can still buy through our trusted partner, Hard to Find Whisky.