Why do we redistill Cognac and whisky? - the answer is simple, it tastes better!

While we don’t like to give too many of our master distillery secrets away, we can let you in on some of the processes we go through to bring you the Manx spirits you know and love.

ManX Manx Spirit

We start with a pure malt whisky. This is brought straight to our Sulby distillery from our Scottish neighbours.

We begin by re-distilling the whisky, which we bring in at around 60% ABV.

From there we separate the spirit that comes over during distillation into its different fractions. Then we extract a portion of the neutral alcohol that doesn’t have much of a taste or a smell and re-combine the other fractions to our taste, so the flavours are more intense (this is similar to a chef reducing a sauce or stock to enhance the flavours) and the result is outstanding. We create a refined, colourless spirit which embodies the best of the raw spirit while delivering flavours and notes that make ManX the spirit you know and love.

ManX Spirit on bar
"The aroma is quite impressive, with a distinctive malt whisky head note, a floral quality and some sweet, grassy notes. The flavour is initially quite spicy, but soon softens to revel the warming, malt whisky character, with a rounded sweetness and a lovely, long, aromatic finish. Quite a delicate product, but impressive depth of flavour and a really well crafted drink that will appeal to a wide audience."
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Bifrost begins with a beautiful VS Cognac from André Petit – a fellow small, family run distillery in France, we think long and hard about our ingredients, and can safely say we got it right with this one. When we first tried the spectacular André Petit Cognac we knew we could do something magical with it. After a process of testing with our still – Bifrost was born.

We redistill the Cognac in our specialised still, and from there combine the fractions to our taste – producing our flavoursome Bifrost.

Bifrost bottle sitting on the bar
"Bold on the nose with a with lightly burnt tones, good character herbaceous cognac."
Great Taste Awards
Judging Panel
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We’re going through some changes currently which means we’re temporarily unable to send Manx Spirit over from the Isle of Man.

You can still buy through our trusted partner, Hard to Find Whisky.