Beautifully smooth Manx Spirits

 “Rich.” “Surprising.” “Wow.” Award Winning and innovatively created in the Isle of Man.

“Skilfully Balanced” Manx Spirits

“Rich.” “Surprising.” “Wow.”

For the whisky, cognac and cocktail lovers looking to enjoy something different, discover our crystal clear Manx spirits.

Born from the adventurous escapades of inventor Lucian Landau in the 1970’s, our Manx spirits are innovatively re-distilled from the finest whisky and cognac.


Re-distilled from the finest VS Cognac, “subtle dashes of orchard fruit on a warm textured mouth come together in a skilfully balanced finish” (IWSC)


Re-distilled from pure malt whisky, “Impressive depth of flavour and a really well crafted drink.” Great Taste Awards.


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At Kella Distillers we’re passionate about creating beautifully smooth spirits through innovative re-distillation. Our micro distillery sits on the world famous Isle of Man TT course, on one of the fastest stretches at Sulby. Andi and our small family team continue the processes originally developed by distillery founder and prolific inventor, Lucian Landau. 

We’ve found that removing certain compounds that are extracted into the spirits as they mature enhances the experience of the drink. The results are flavoursome spirit drinks which embody the characteristic tastes and aromas of the original spirits, with a clean smoothness that sets our Manx Spirits apart. 

Discover more about the story of our award winning spirits here.

ManX Manx Spirit is “Elegant on the nose with fresh linen and floral notes. Touch of spice on a smooth palate.”

IWSC 2020
“I absolutely adore your Bifrost Manx Spirit. It’s incredibly good just to drink and adds so much extra to cocktails. Hands down one of my favourite spirits. Many thanks for making this amazing drink.”

Gavin Derbyshire
"It has such a richness and depth. You can really taste the whisky, it warms you. Even before you drink it you get the essence of the whisky vapours. The longer it lingers, the more you get the flavours. Very drinkable."

Katie, Isle of Man
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